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British Empire, thanks to the exports of the British India Companies, later called Indian Empire, Crown rule in India by Victoria I (British Raj).


This happened approximately in XVIII when the British harvested tea from the Indian lands neighboring China, the creation of which was recognized by almost all of Europe.


FACTS: Since then, the famous British traditional custom of drinking tea at five o'clock in the afternoon was created.



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China and England will both be accepted. Unfortunately, TheYaguito and Sapphire have lost 100 points


THIS IS IT FOLKS!! WELCOME TO THE FINALE!!! Can you pick a box below? No more than 2 PEOPLE can choose the same number. 




Each number on a box corresponds to a number of points between 100-700. There is 1 BOX that contains 900 points! Here is a breakdown:


100 = 2 boxes
200 = 3 boxes
300 = 4 boxes
400 = 5 boxes
500 = 4 boxes
600 = 2 boxes
700 = 1 box
900 = 1 box


For liability purposes, @LaFleur has the list of which numbers correspond to what number of points.


This is pure luck and will depend on your current score to help you win. Good luck everyone! Deadline is TONIGHT @ 9pm EST!  ;) 

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