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Sorry Christmas & Chill, K bye for now and My Everything, you've lost 100 points! It's time to spice this contest up!!!


Can you tell me what chat ONE of these backgrounds comes from?


Note: Once someone answers one, you MUST answer a different one (unless you think the person's answer is wrong). This means there's only 13 winners -- no post editing this round! Hide your post if you think you're wrong or if someone answers the same one before you. Be sure to add the image number in your answer!


HERE IS THE CATCH: If you don't answer this round, your score will be set to 400 points. This could be good or bad, depending on your current score. With that said, you could reply and hope to bump someone's score down. Think wisely!!!


1. YxLD1nw.png


2. SldQeJF.png


3. ARvQbxJ.png


4. VuHprRQ.png


5. jDsvjWf.png


6. scDriFT.png


7. 6em3gFx.png


8. WzoCcyE.png


9. FMgXOkW.png


10. M0k1sKO.png


11. DJeUC7S.png


12. oshfY2i.png


13. Ryjt9bp.png

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