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Powers Smilies  

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Hello xat-ers

- When you start typing the name power or a smile, it starts to appear after each letter you add.
- To enable and disable this option [maybe not everyone wants to use it, so you have the chance to disable or enable it]
- When you add, for example, the letter G, all the smiles and powers that start with the letter G will appear: Guestself, Gline and others. [to show the list in a light color background to give a more beautiful look to the chat]

I added an example gif and image, it's not perfect, but I hope you understand the idea.



If you have questions based on this idea, please post them here, if you have something you would like this idea to be added to, you can add it here and it will be your credit added to the main idea above.
What do you say about this idea?

Regards Bau

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Great idea, I'm sure it would help a lot of users in the chat's of trading. Some users keep getting the power name wrong because they don't know and this is great, I sincerely hope that this idea is well received by the xat team. This would be very interesting especially for trading chat's.


Congratulations, Bau!


I embrace your idea!


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I like your idea, however we already have that option when you click on the 8ball. I don't think that would be a good area to see the powers/smilies when you type a letter because it may block the usual smilies on the Gline or some previous messages from users texting above the gline as well. Some powers will have many smilies that contain the first letter you will type, i.e. Kchick that has 12 smilies; not to mention all other powers and smilies that starts with the same letter.




In the next screen that will appear, we can type something and automatically the powers/smilies with those letter will start to showing. i.e. I typed "lov" and see the smilies that shows below, we can see which smilie we were talking of thinking and simply we click on it and it will be typed on the text dialog. 




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Thank you all for the support.(hug)
I understand your point, but none of this will happen, as long as it is based only on the first smilies or based of parenthesis [we have two usage variants that do not interfere with the tex]
Eg write the name * zoom * and keep writing text, no power will appear. if that name is not found.
Suppose we add * zoomly * Zoomgly * Zoomy * no smiley or power will appear and you will be able to continue writing your text without being bothered by the smilies bar.
- To add a smiley you will need a keyword (NameSmileyHERE).
- You can write text that nothing will appear, only when you open the parenthesis it will also appear as I mentioned above.

I support this idea 100%, not that I added it, but that it can make it easier to use at xat.com.

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