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XAT5 (xat_test) BACKGROUND CONTEST [prices 45,000 xats] !!


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last 3 days guys, nobody else wants to show his estrus?


for now I am happy with the work done, congratulations to all !! Oh My God Reaction GIF by 9Now


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Posted (edited)

Hello participants, as to follow information about “Like Heart” react/vote, if you get same vote  it will be share the prizes for 10,000 xats,.


•And we have also some added surprises it will post later with the winners results. 


•Time until Friday 23 July 2021, please double check click this link. 👇👇👇


Reminders: On the day of ending time of the contest the “Like Heart” vote/react the vote must stop on the day of the expiration of the time. Thank you!

Edited by Dimple
Add the time for end of the contest
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Reg/Id:   iiiMadness (1541936065)

NickName:    Ⲏⲇⲍ
Hi everyone!

                   •INNER BACKGROUND                                                                       •OUTER BACKGROUND
                   1gsYoRj.png                            xeA10wp.jpg                                                        

                                                                                            • Button Color: #979697

• Background base: Made by me

• Font type: Hobo Std.  Click Here
• Planet Saturn Vectors: Excerpted from Fixthephoto an online photo retouching web.  Click Here

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Posted (edited)

Hi guys!


This is my entry:
















My register:


SoyCreativo (49207072)



Edited by Dazer
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Hi, Here is my entry


                                       INNER                                                                                                      OUTTER


 eoTBeMd.png   cOowVG1.png


Button Color :#334786


Reg/ID:  iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891)









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Hello everyone.

Here I leave you my funds.


                                INNER                                                                                                                                                      OUTER

9ktxgta.png                      Ct5YlKw.png


      Button Color:    1°  #b96164

        Button Color:    2°  #bb9195


REG: Magic

ID: (10000020)

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Hello everyone, here is my entry!


Inner Background:



Outer Background:



Button Colour: #FFFFFF




- Image: https://www.1zoom.me/es/wallpaper/356678/z4892.5/1280x851

- Smiley xat: Coder https://xat.wiki/Nerd , idea https://xat.wiki/Yellegg

- Rocket: https://mundosmilies.com

- Pawns: Everypowers https://xat.wiki/Everypower ,

Black pawn


Reg: TED1

ID: (10001000)


Thanks for the contest.

You all did a good job.

Good luck to all!

Edited by Ted
Register xat Added!
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I wanted to congratulate everyone for the time spent, the work first of all, you made this contest special !!

I am very happy with all the backgrounds and your willingness to win something or to prove something dear to you !!

but what I like most is that you have been many, 18 enter !! this is the fruit behind a truly loved one like dimple...


you were unique, really ....


well, now it's time for the judges to guide your work and thus have the following prizes, I think there will also be a surprise !!

we will let you know as soon as we are ready, thanks again !!

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10 hours ago, ALEX said:

hi guys, we have the first winner for the most hearts taken !!

the winner of 10.000 xats for the best heart reaction is: @SapphireOfficial with 30 hearts!! 



Dear viewers and participants,


Your vote/react “Like Heart” can be cancel anytime, but base what we saw after the contest time ended @SapphireOfficial was got 30 votes like “heart” not 29 votes because it suddenly the vote changed. 


Thanks for this idea @ALEX and efforts to keep on eye of this for vote/react 


thank you again and wait for the winners results with suprises added.

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Winner’s Results and some added “Suprises” 


For best “xat5 background” of 1-5th winners results. Point (P)

1rst. DonQuijote(926430628)= 45.5 point/ 10,000x

2nd. youngandsweet (1510340348) = 44.6 point 4,000x

3rd. LLLViLeNLLL (1480407219) = 42.1 point/ 3,000x

4rth. xNoosphere (1484726668) = 41.8/ 2,000x

5th. iiiYaguito (1531497660) = 41.7 point/ 1,000x


For the 13 none winners recieve 500x each

•Flake (160987981) 

•xSapphires (1542014769) 

•KERLEN18 (1527271733) 

•iiADJii (822328288) 

•xR0B (129030692) 

•ZyzzSergeyeviich (1537792729) 

•TtDGod2011 (314215649)

•iiiMadness (1541936065) 

•SoyCreativo (49207072) 

•KARY (137919842) 

•iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891)

•Magic (10000020) 

•TED1 (10001000)


For the 5,000x winners results by owned choosing. 

@Maverick The best bg’s decision   - xR0B (129030692)

@Paul The best of the best bg’s - DonQuijote(926430628)

@Dimple The best cute bg’s - Flake (160987981)


For voting/react “Like Heart” winners result

️(Base on what we saw on the day after the time/contest end)


•xSapphires (1542014769) for 30 vote- 10,000x

•Flake (160987981) for 25 votes - 2,000x

•iiiYaguito (1531497660) for 24 votes - 1,500x

•KARY (137919842) for 20 votes - 1,000x

•xR0B (129030692) for 19 votes - 500x

For Best Active Participant on xat5(xat_test) chat

•iiADJii (822328288) - 2,000x

•xSapphires (1542014769) - 1,000x


Congratulation! Contact @Paul at Xat5 to receive your prize.


Participants have TOTAL xat recieve:



•xR0B (129030692) = 6,000x

•Flake (160987981) = 7,500x

•xSapphires (1542014769) = 11,500x

•iiADJii (822328288)  = 2,500x

•iiiYaguito (1531497660) = 2,500x

•KARY (137919842) = 1,500x

• youngandsweet  (1510340348) = 4,000x

• xNoosphere (1484726668) = 2,000x

• LLLViLeNLLL (1480407219) = 3,000x

Edited by ALEX
added the total xat recieve!!
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Congratulations to all participants.

It was very difficult for the judges to decide, but we have seen lots of great work.

You all should be proud of yourself! Well done everyone. Thank you for taking part in the contest. See you all next time. (applause)(applause)(applause)



Edited by DjCrazy
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Congratulations to all participants, you must be proud of your work, whether you won or not, it matters that you participated, you gain experience that will help you in the future.

We are all waiting for you on xat5, xat_test always when you can.

Enjoy xatchat

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Congratulation at all

I tried to do my best, I think someone was upset, normal when you have a host like Alex !!


I am very sorry because I really appreciated the commitment of some phenomenos, ale sends you a kiss...


anything you can text me and talk to me..see you at the next contest.

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Hello participants, 

You have 2 weeks to claim your prize!

•Prize holder: @Paul

️Please submit your inner/outer background link to @ALEXor @DjCrazy

•1-5th winners

•xR0B (129030692) and Flake (160987981)

And i would like to say thank you for your all efforts @participants and i thank u to all judges, and @Maverick @Pauleven you are busy u have still time for us. For you @ALEX thank you for donating 5,000x and hosting for this contest, even thou u didn’t put as a donator. 

Congratulations to all winners!

Thank you again and have a good day!

God Blessed everyone 

Edited by Dimple
Add info.
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Congratulations to all the winners, here is the list below on what you have won!


DonQuijote(926430628) - 15,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1fo1o6t

xSapphires (1542014769) = 11,500 xats https://prnt.sc/1foik2k

Flake (160987981) = 7,500 xats https://prnt.sc/1fohylw

xR0B (129030692) = 6,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1fw13x4

youngandsweet  (1510340348) = 4,000 xats

LLLViLeNLLL (1480407219) = 3,000 xats https://prnt.sc/1fpl9o2

iiADJii (822328288)  = 2,500 xats https://prnt.sc/1foujls

iiiYaguito (1531497660) = 2,500 xats https://prnt.sc/1fvw291

xNoosphere (1484726668) = 2,000 xats

KARY (137919842) = 1,500 xats https://prnt.sc/1g6inx0


users that will receive 500 xats


KERLEN18 (1527271733) 

ZyzzSergeyeviich (1537792729) https://prnt.sc/1gbpnhs

TtDGod2011 (314215649) https://prnt.sc/1fpwq79

iiiMadness (1541936065) https://prnt.sc/1fve2ag

SoyCreativo (49207072) https://prnt.sc/1fvwk0m

iiCrazyBoyii (1286325891)

Magic (10000020) 

TED1 (10001000)

Edited by Paul
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