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I was immensely happy to see this news, my congratulations to the entire team at xat and also that I'm going to give you a suggestion. I hope that new smilies will be added in the reaction and a possible possibility of adding our own smilie combinations. Congratulations to the developers, this was very innovative.


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I'm glad to see new things added to the chat, but when there's something suggested by users, it's more than a suggestion, maybe it was added without us suggesting such ideas, but we all know how useful ideas are.

Thank you!


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I remember a suggestion to change the colors of powers that were enabled and disabled in the powers selection in a way that wouldn't harm users with color blindness and I realized that this has changed.

Congratulations once again to xat and the whole team.




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Posted (edited)

May I suggest the ability to see who has reacted even without days? I think requiring days to react is a good idea (it's been a long time since subscription days had new functionality!) but I think not being able to see who has reacted takes a bit away from the chatting experience, especially if you want to see who has reacted to your own posts, so I feel that should be a free feature. 


Maybe by clicking on the reaction bar or the smilies, it would just bring up the list of names?

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I like Kale and Steven's suggestion.

I want to suggest some ideas.

Here we go
- To be able to create your own list of smilies so that others can react. [To be able to add a smilies you want]. - Kale´s Suggestion
- To be able to see who reacted [without days] - Steven´s Suggestion
- Who doesn't have days to be able to react once and who has days to be able to add a limit of 3 or 5 different smilies [Main chat, not only the private]
- To be able to react to your own message [It can be helpful when we ask a question: React to (👍) if you want to do xats and days contest, react to (👎) if you don't want to do contest].
add the first reactions yourself as an initiative for users.

Where did I come up with this idea?
- Today I wanted to react to the same message several times and I couldn't. [don't ask why, I think it might be useful]
- I found a chat bug where a person reacted twice, and I found it interesting, this bug did not happen by mistake, it is destiny. xP
If we talk about with Days and without days, I think the one who has days must have more options.
It is interesting to receive reactions from everyone, anyway, users with days will be able to add more reactions.
When someone sends a message how much they love you, and you can't find words to answer, you add more reactions to show what you didn't say in words. :$

It is just a suggestion and should be treated as such.8-)

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