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Uno & Skribbl Tomorrow!


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Don't forget to call UNO! as you're down to your final cards in this fun strategy card game! 

Everyone takes turns matching the cards in their hands to the last played card, at the same time as using tricks to add more cards to your opponents hand & be the first one to empty your hand of cards.

Uno starts at 2PM EST Saturday 6/11 on xat.com/Help Hosted by RoxStar!



After given a selection of 3 things to choose from it's up to you to draw one of them! As you are doodling against the clock your opponents must try to guess what you are drawing! Points are issued for being the quickest one to guess the drawing. Be the winner with the most amount of points at the end of the game!

Skribbl is our Evening Event & will begin at 10PM EST Saturday 6/11 on xat.com/Help Hosted by Lemona!!


Come Join Our Fiesta  for a chance to win Xats & Pride Month Related Powers!!

Each of the Winners for the day will receive a Rainbows power, or PatrickFX, to go with Help's theme of Pride month!




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Congratulations to all of our  UNO Winners!

Round 1 Tae 


Round 2 Kyle


Round 3 Master Chief


The winners of Each Round Received their Choice of PatrickFx or Rainbows & 500 Xats!!


Raven & Loba Also Each Received Rainbows power just for coming out to Fiesta with us too!

https://prnt.sc/156kbpf https://prnt.sc/156k5uk


We look forward to seeing everyone at Skribbl This evening at 10pm EST For More Fun & More Prizes


Viva la Fiesta!!


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Posted (edited)

That's a wrap! Thank you everyone for coming and congrats to all our winners:

  • Asceticism (100341574)
  • NotACereaL (126737056)
  • GLuttony (1537333738)
  • LiLy (3172017)
  • Flake (160987981)
  • iiCrazyboyii (1286325891)

We hope to plan more Skribbl events in the future! Also, a big shoutout to the anonymous user who donated 20,000 xats to the Help Fiesta fund - thank you so much! 


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