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♥ Win Xats (Matching PCback Contest) ♥

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Hi everyone, not me doing another contest ^_^ ♥


@Kyle & I are doing a joint contest this time. How it works:


♥ We would like matching pcbacks, meaning you would be making two separate pcbacks but they have to match/have the same theme.
♥ They can't be too light or too dark. Any color is welcome. Simple is better but you can freestyle it.
♥ Kyle's has to have his ID, that he is a reseller and that he accepts paypal, western union and cashapp. 
♥ Loba's only has to have her name/ID. You can also put Boni or Loba it doesn't matter.
♥ Kyle's regname/ID Kyle(774522)
♥ Loba's regname/ID Loba(143742)
♥ We like Apex Legends, Anime, Pokemon etc (doesn't have to include any of these, just ideas of what we like)
♥ There will be a 1st, 2nd & 3rd place.
♥ Prizes: 1st: 3,000 xats. 2nd: 2,000 xats. 3rd: 1,000 xats. (Donations welcome to make the prize pool bigger ♥)


Other information:


♥ You can enter as many times as you want.
@Kyleand I will be the judges.
♥ Contest will end on the 1st of June @11.59 PM PST.
♥ Prize holder: @Lemona
Have fun with it!
♥ If you have any questions, feel free to ask them.


Good luck! ♥

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Thanks for the contest!


Applying the principle "simple is the best", here are my proposals.

I chose a very well-known couple from Attack on Titan, I hope it's an anime to your liking.


Good luck to all participants!







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Posted (edited)



Both of these are main characters of Demon Slayer, Nezuko and Zenitsu. 

Spoiler Alert:


They become a couple in the later part of the series.


TLVQQMR.png                                                                                            WRjLoTw.png

Variant: https://i.imgur.com/MuyrhgP.png                                                                                                        Variant: https://i.imgur.com/SNMBHRB.png


iPmp5vF.png                                                                                           ZUjwWnT.png

Variant: https://i.imgur.com/5s0ygQ8.png                                                                                                        Variant: https://i.imgur.com/m0qVhZP.png


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Added another version for the first entry.
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On 5/21/2021 at 11:35 AM, Flake said:








Hope u like them x


thought id mention i edited my initial entry, loba's pcback was edited slightly and now has 2 different versions, one has text matching kyle's pcback and the other has a different text

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Posted (edited)


I have this basic design and hope you like it. ♥


I used the Kyle theme with the Octane character from Apex Legends.


j1m4fUl.jpg                  cDFqmav.jpg


I used the Boni theme with the Wraith character from Apex Legends.


GfhjZiw.jpg                  wdIDG7E.jpg


I am very happy to participate and I congratulate all the participants, beautiful work.

Good luck to everyone! ♥

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Hiya guys ♥ - Contest is over.

Thank you for all participating. 

We loved all of them but there can only be 3 winners!


♥ 1st place: @Flake

♥ 2nd place: @RobFerrari

♥ 3rd place: @Kale


Please contact @Lemonato collect your prize when she is available. You can usually find her at xat.com/Help


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