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What happened to the Olympic games and xat.com?

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Hello Community!


Well, a few days ago,  I was watching the new powers that make designers and watching the user reviews and I asked myself this.


- Why they not give importance to the Olympic Games? - 


If we consider that the Olympics are every four years and that the powers as "kwolf", "summerhug" and "eggjinx" can wait. Why waste a great opportunity?


I think this time was a mistake quite evident. Wolves, summer and eggs can wait. Let's be honest; the Olympic Games will return within 4 years.


Talking with the smiley maker "Junii" about this problem, he answered me " Well..it is late, and the Olympics are over, it will be the next"


It is seriously ?, so minor can have the Olympic Games for xat.com?


It might sound a very cynical and critical way, but the reality is different and unfortunately one of the opportunities that occur every 1400 days has escaped.

Perhaps I speak without knowing but...


What do you think?


Without further...


- Kevzkov regards

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Technically they're every 2 years if you count winter Olympics :p


I agree it would be nice to have more of these powers! Maybe one for 2018 since we have no winter Olympic themed power yet?

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I completely agree, and I thought the same thing about the Euros.


The only consolation is that we already have powers to celebrate these things, so maybe there weren't enough ideas for sequels... idk.

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