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New form of negotiations for the epic powers

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Hello everyone, I am a moderator of the xat trade and over the years, I noticed a great difficulty in the negotiations of Everypowers and Allpowers, so I decided to suggest this idea to the xat team.


Suggestion: Everypower could be traded as a single power, so it would avoid attempts at false trades, that is, it would avoid users from taking out any power and therefore, it would sell everypower or allpowers with only a power. It is worth noting that users could also sell them separately, thus adding doubles and so on.


Important notes: We must remember that the safety of our users is always first.


This is my suggestion, I hope you all like it.

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This is an incredible idea, it would make trading a lot easier when you have more than one power. It would be very practical and quick to negotiate, I hope to see this option in the future!

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You suggested the same idea 2 years ago: 

Plus, we already have this idea added on our list. Hopefully it will be added in the future.


Thank you for suggesting!

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