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I opened a ticket 3 months ago because my account was inpermanent held, and they explanied to me that was because i moved to another country and they asked me to prove that the account was mine. After 3 months, i had this answer and my account was released. But my account keeps getting held everyday. 





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From what I understand, you were previously held because you were logging in different locations and got held due to that. You didn't turn off account location, that's why you got held. 


After your ticket was answered, you were unheld, but you were somehow still held again. Make sure account protection is on so you don't get hold again. 


Disabling account protection will put you on hold for 3 days. 


Also, if you're logging into different locations with account locking on, then there's a chance you're going to be held or locked out of your account. 


You can reply back to your ticket asking a volunteer to help you solve the issue of you being held and to update your current location so you don't get held again. 


(The answer is based off what you told me in chat!)

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