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please remove my limit of buying on xat


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Hello. Your reserve will reduce over time, if I'm not mistaken, 50 xats are released per day, but you can open a ticket if the amount of xats that are in reserve is high, in the "Payment Problems" department;

  • You can open the ticket by clicking here;
  • In the "Subject" field you must contain at least 5 words in English. (use the translator if necessary)
  • In the "Message" field you report what happened in English, in case the amount of your xats in reserve is high.
  • Finally, just click on "open ticket" and wait for a response from the volunteers. You will be notified via the email associated with your xat account.
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4 hours ago, Rebella said:

please remove my reverse limit of buying on xat.i can't buy wanted powers.

The reserve leaves over time, releasing xats in your account for trading. If you want to better understand your reservation, you can send a ticket to the '' payment problems '' department.


To open a ticket in this department it is necessary to be a paying user, that is, to have purchased at the time of buy.

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