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Editing and/or deleting messages in Private Chat

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This idea hit me a few days ago. We've always had the ability to delete messages on the main chat...but have you ever wanted to edit or delete accidental posts or correct your typos in PC with friends? Having multiple private chat windows happen can sometimes result in the wrong messages being sent (and sometimes you may want to have the option to delete messages which you only want the receiver to see once). Thence, I'd like to propose having the ability to edit and delete messages in private chat with friends as a function for HTML5!

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I like the idea in theory. However, deleting or editing messages (even though they're your own) could lead to some misleading screenshots, reports, etc.


It could be combated a bit by only allowing you to edit/delete them if the other person has you added. So, for instance, you couldn't PC someone random on Trade like "500 for x power", they say "trade", then you edit it to 5000 and say false trade. Or, there could be something very apparent saying "edited" with the previous version(s), or "deleted", to fight against that as well.


I think maybe a power where: prior to sending a message, you select something (or maybe a macro) where the message (sent to a friend) will disappear after x amount of time (preferably chosen by the user)?

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Posted (edited)

That's a good point and yeah I think a power could also work.


Other options such as these may also be viable solutions:

- Time limit imposed e.g. after 15 mins messages cannot be edited or deleted

- Quota limit for the number of edits allowed e.g. 1-3

- Only users you have added as friends would you be allowed to edit or delete messages (for users who are not your friends or those who you have on ignore, you are not allowed to edit or delete messages in pc

- Edit sign indicating a message was edited in PC to be shown for both sender and receiver


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Hi! I really like the idea. 


Many times I have faced this problem, I wrote something wrong and the only solution available was  to write a few more messages to explain or correct the wrong message  :s

Anyway, I would like to add something to de idea,  if allowed. 


To avoid the issues stated by Kyle, where editing messages could lead to misleading reports, I would suggest to add an option for closing the private when is done, the same way you close a call in Skype for example. In my view for this option, both people need to close it and the conversation will be lost. However, while they are both still in, I would add this editing option with some notification like "user x edited/deleted this line" or something, when is used. I know, sounds very complicated, but this is the way I see it. Maybe someone has a better idea. 







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