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Extinct / Endangered Powers

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If i have time i can give many examples of drew just for fun !! (only manyy examples of this you have posted if i can..but i think you have to make them as small as possible, my flaw is to do big things in a small space!) i remember of having doing many dinosaur drawing, but i was think it "mhhh a little too much"..in sense they were a little too real or big xDD 


if i drew a nice dragon ball i can also this no?!! xDD the idea involves me..idk..


by the way interesting idea!! ...the only think the animals seem a little too many (maybe a sequel like the 2 second power ?!) and  i'm happy to read something constructive by many users, this is how we help each others! S_(drink2)_40 i'll let you know...

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Great suggestion bro, different animals, different smilies, amazing hats, this one is the most interesting suggestion that I saw here, I would like to see it happen (victory) 

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On 3/14/2021 at 8:59 PM, Crow said:

A hug animation could be included, set on an archaeological digging site. The user's avatar could smash a rock with a pickaxe, uncovering a fossil, but at the same time opening a large crack in the ground, which would suddenly run underneath them. The ground would then collapse, and the user's avatar would fall into a dark abyss. The user’s message would then appear.


On 3/14/2021 at 8:59 PM, Crow said:

A hug animation could be included, set on an African savanna or any natural habitat of an endangered species. The user’s avatar could be driving a safari vehicle at sunset, and endangered animals would be seen roaming naturally in the background. The user’s message would appear in view. Once the message disappears, the vehicle would speed away safely.


But if these animations were avatars in which you could insert a text message or a name? (hmm)

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