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titulo do xat , xat title

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Ok, he wants to use gif animation instead of chat name, like it was previously using CSS.



Note (in Portuguese): Quando for traduzir algo, evite usar gírias e digite corretamente, a frase não faz sentido nem no idioma nativo.

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I would love to see this idea in HTML5. As Laming said, previously it was done with CSS in flash.
It looked something like this:
Jlb2Dwi.png »» SRPmfzL.gif 

Maybe in the future it can be added through XatFrames/CSS or something.

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yes that, RobFerrari is top on xat 

normal color text or gif animation instead of the chat name, as if using CSS previously.

no idea new power no, a name change to have text color or gif type animation for person to have colors option or gif with name only (with Css)

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Well, I don’t know if we need more effects since we already have Xatframe. Maybe could be a nice idea but we can have some delay at chat box. 

Some guys just use a lot of gifs with glitter and we have delay, anyway can be added as a function allowed to use with xatframe.


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