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Lucky the Leprechaun needs your help guessing the LUCKY number!!! Here's how you can help:


  • Visit xat.com/Help.
  • Use the bot command !randomnumber to help him find his way back home!
  • Post a screenshot of your number so he can look back on his journey.


If you are the first user to match Lucky's number, you will win 10,000 xats!


Other information:

  • You may only post 1 number per day.
  • The contest will end on March 17th, 12pm EST. The first person that posts the winning number will be announced at that time. If nobody posts the winning number by the deadline, the closest number to the winning number will win.
  • Prize holder: Myself. Thanks to @oj for donating.


GOOD LUCK!! zsmWY82.png


P.S... Don't forget to enter Help's Background Contest too! ;) 

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