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Every brand wants to retain its customers. But how many of these brands also have loyalty rewards?

I think it would be a good marketing strategy to add this loyalty pawn.


How does it work?


The server detects and stores the date and time of the first login on the account in a day.

A single login on your account is enough to consider that you ticked that day. If the user has 30 consecutive days in which he entered the chat, he will receive a special pawn, something that will make him feel proud of his loyalty to xat.com

Maybe a star pawn, or I dont know, something :)

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I think users who have kept their original ID since they made their account when they joined could get something special too. Like a different colored star on their pawn or a special pawn for being an long-time user who never changed their IDS since joining. Similar to an ambassador program. I think special stickers could be released for them to use (without having to be a subscriber) would also be pretty cool.

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The idea is seem interesting and I would like it to be implemented, but in a rather diverse way, for example, after 1 year of using xat, you have the option that once every 3/6 months, you can choose how to be "rewarded". 


But on the other side there is a problem: those who use chat rarely, and who would like to find solutions to "steal the start" that is, just to log in and that's it, without even a minute of further activity.


I believe that a safe and fair alternative must be found for everyone and the rules should be clearly expressed, without risk for interpretation.


As a few reward methods I would see: a discount for future purchase of xats from the store / a limited pawn of your choice based on the powers you already have.



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10 hours ago, SapphireOfficial said:

Like cyan ?

 The Cyan pawn already exists and is a completely different feature from this suggestion.

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