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8th March Woman's Day


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Thank you Maxo!


In honour of International Women's Day, I just want to give a big shoutout to all the women on this site that have faced prejudice, hate, abuse (especially verbal) or ever felt unappreciated, unworthy or unwanted. Your strength is your power. Love always. 


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@Maxo first, I would like to personally thank you for dedicating a little thought to us women. I find this gesture so nice, simple and important.The very fact that it was a man who dedicated his time for all of us is a sign of positivity and change and is a credit to you. I, like all the other women you mentioned, represent only a very small portion of the women who frequent our site. The beauty of this site is just that. There are so many of us and that makes us so strong. It doesn't matter age, language, country or anything else, we are WOMEN. A special hug goes to all those who at this time are victims of physical and psychological violence and unfortunately can not escape from their tormentor, to all those who live in fear of prejudice and all those who despite their success find those who are ready to cut their wings. ❤️

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16 hours ago, Maxo said:

Hello !!


Today has come an occasion dear to our hearts, namely International Women's Day, which we celebrate on the eighth of March of every year, on this occasion, allow me to offer the highest expressions of appreciation, respect and love, and to congratulate all the cute and sweet womans who are here in the world of xat, our friends of course and without doubts. 


Beginning with my friends and staff members, my female teammates in xat TRADE: @Kaay@IDC@Adee@Amnaa@mary17@Christina@Lemona and xat FEEDBACK: @DjCrazy@egirl. 


Female wiki TRANSLATORS / CONTRIBUTORS : @Abbie@DonQuijote@Jasmine@Luana@Masha@Page@Sevda@xRavennn, and of course our sweetest volunteer the cool woman @Solange.


A special greeting to all female members adv members especially @DUYGU@CH3RRY@Elif@Camii@Dimple@Nathy ... I apologize for not remembering the names of all the female friends who are with us, but make sure that i respect all of you and i  appreciate all of you, i wish you all the best of luck and happiness every year.


Happy woman's day (hug) and in a fact you deserve more than one day believe me (hug) 


Regards MAXO




Thank you so much @Maxo(hug)

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