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How to add Club Rules Tab and Custom Pages

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Hey, space travellers!

Did you know that you can add a Rules Tab and even a Custom Page in your club here on forum?

No?! So let's learn this today!


How to add Club Rules Tab


You can add and amend rules from the initial club settings when you set up the club, or later by selecting "Edit Club Settings" from the Manage Club menu. 

On selection this will give you the opportunity to add some rules, or amend any in which you already have, along with the ability to force people who join the club to acknowledge them.




  • Note: If you change your rules, you can use the selection at the bottom to force people to re-acknowledge.


Result:  xflQv3A.gif


How to add a Custom Page


In Manage Club menu you will note at the bottom there is an additional "Add Page" setting. This will allow you to add a page fully created by yourself to the club. This may be because you want to add an extra information page or any additional uses.


1) image.thumb.png.9ba1a13a75dcdd65800b73a99237fa0e.png 2)image.thumb.png.b21de4c29d152817af0167084f506259.png 


Result: https://prnt.sc/10cz67t


Also, the ability to re-order club menus was added on version 4.4. To do this, select the "Manage Club" option within the club itself, then select Reorder Menu. Once selected you will be able to drag and drop menu items into the order you would like them to show.


Hope you enjoy!! See ya!! (sman)



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