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I'd love to see a multi un-assign powers button!

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Suggestion one How easy do you think it would be to have a button when you click it WALA Magically un-assigns all the powers you have on your account? Incase you are changing IDS or selling some powers. I would love to see that on xat! Just a button in the login page, You click it and it unassigns all the group powers you have!!


Suggestion Two: We would like a button to guestself in all chats (Only when you have guestself power) Ofc! For example you wanna sell your ID, I'm not sure but I think it will maintain its rank it has in any chat after it gets registered again. So a button when you click it.. It will guest you in all chats! Thanks. 


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Hello !!


Thank you for providing both of these two suggestions, especially the 1st one i like it and i hope that will be taken into consideration, unassigning all group powers at the same time instead of one by one is a good idea and i support it, an option may to be added.

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