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Hi, I know that gamebans games are not all developed and finished in html5 version. However, I will focus on the ones that are already and apparently "playable".
I must emphasize that the new design and current appearance is good and eye-catching, however that is not everything. 

Starting with Snakeban:
• It would be much better if the snake moved much more freely and easily when you press the arrow keys, and it doesn't look like a robotic snake.
• I really don't know what the function of the colored dots is within the design, more than a kind of distraction.
• Important option that they had in the flash version and that maybe they should keep in this version: To be able to change the background of the game by pressing the "B" key. (Changes to a transparent background), instead of having a simple x in the upper right corner that removes entire game screen. 

9oQHSuz.png                DivXJma.png


Ship is too big, like moons. (It takes up a lot of space so that you get hit quickly and you die faster).
•The moons move too fast around the ship in the html5 version compared to Flash, so if you decide to play for more than 40 or 50 hours it is totally impossible to win. Can you imagine playing 90 or 100 hours? (Which I was able to achieve sometimes in the flash version).
Here's an example:

               60 hours Spaceban Flash                                            60 hours Spaceban Html5

hNxkDPg.gif                Vu0uoGA.gif


• Same as snakeban, The B key option.

Nothing to say simply that it also keeps the option to change the background with the B key.

PD: When I press the x button, I don't know how to return to the same game since I don't even see the application next to my nick, and I just have to press sign out and sign in to start the game again. Idk if this is intended, or something that shouldn't happen. Idk if they are completely finished. In the case of spaceban that move too fast, is it intended or a bug? It would be good to know!. Everyone can play and test the games by themselves, it would be nice to see more opinions.

Generally speaking, with all due respect if you are going to redesign a game that will ultimately result in difficulty playing without improvements in design and development, it is best to leave everything the same as it was.

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