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Hello xatFamily
Who wants to try their luck to win 5€ on paypal?

Today we come up with something new for all users who use paypal to try their luck to win 5€.
How so? :o:$
1) Go to  https://fb.com/xatBau «
2) Find the post where the contest is, add a comment mentioning a friend from facebook '« or CkickHERE

- Please do not add many comments [not to cause spam]
- At least one friend must be mentioned in the comment [you can mention how many friends you want]
- When we reach 2000 people on our page we choose a winner.
If you have any misunderstandings, write here in the comments, and I will reply to everyone as soon as possible.

Remind: Our facebook page is being promoted now.

Good luck to everyone.

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