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xat Aiuto Christmas Celebration Event 2020

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Christmas has almost landed at xat and there are only a few days left to celebrate these festivities, that is why xat.com/Aiuto brings us a surprising and unusual contest where everyone wins, yes, you read that correctly, everyone who participates will get the opportunity to at least win a prize. Will you have the initiative to participate? WE HAVE 20,000 XATS IN PRIZES! 



S_(cdy)_40 CHRISTMAS TRIVIA - 6.000 xats

  • 30 Christmas-themed questions will be asked (includes questions from past Christmas in xat)
    • The first user to answer correctly will earn 200 xats.


S_(sman)_40 BINGO - 6.000 xats

  • There will be 10 rounds of bingo.
    • Users must put 4 numbers in their nick from 1 to 99.
    • The first user and the last to say bingo will win 300 xats.


S_(xstk)_40GUESS THE SMILEY - 4.000 xats

  • There will be 20 rounds of this game.
    • A staff will send the image of a smiley, the first to answer correctly will win 200 xats.



  • The bot will choose a random user and the user will have 5 seconds to respond.
    • If the user responds in time, he will earn 100 xats.
  • All staff who are present will receive 200 xats (including volunteers with rank)!



  • Date and Time: The event will take place on December 24, at 21:30 PM (Rome, Italy UTC + 1) Countdown: here 
  • Prize Holder: @Abrahan | Abrahan (1534445130)
  • Sponsors: @Demonattack | xMarco (1140000) 




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My friend, actually my best friend and Marco... beautiful initiative, I love it. I hope to be there that day, if I do notice if I get there before or after... in other words this year is a particular year, but with all the optimism that we have ideas, we do not lack. So I wish good luck to those who will play and I recommend help will be the most beautiful, populated chat definitely kisses. I love you guys and kisses

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This is a great contest! i will enter this great contest. There will be good events for Christmas, special for Christmas Day. and I'll be there that day. I thank you to everyone who organized and contributed to this contest. everyone will have a chance to win in this contest. Good luck to everyone who participated in the contest.

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The event has ended and the award has been sold out, congratulations to all the winners! We hope to be able to organize a second event like this for the following Christmas, you must go preparing for the xat Aiuto anniversary contest next year 2021.


I want to give a special thanks to the people/chats who helped to carry out this contest for the entire xat community, especially the Italian one; thanks to Marco, Sara e Bianca. I especially want to thank the sponsors of this contest, it really means a lot to me that we managed to carry out an event of this magnitude and see the Aiuto chat with more than 34 connected users having fun (it had not happened since 2015).


We are doing things well, we are on a good path for the Italian xat community and there is still much more to do! :d




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