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Special Pcback Contest


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Hi Guys,


this contest consists of creating pcbacks with the details that I will give you below:


the pcback must have the name Alex (colors of your choice):


venom.png  991791.png






 - you have 3 choices,

1: background above + name ALEX and somes effects

2: background of your choice with the picture character  above (example on the right) and name  ALEX  

- or... 3: add some photos to your liking (above the name, next to it i think can feel good) with the option 1 and 2:

you can do it even if you like the background or the photo, in black and white!! (a little help...)


photo options: 


  sorry pcback ended i like privacy (victory)


- all with the name ALEX, the best 3 pcbacks will be awarded !! to you the choice...

- you have limit 1 ENTRY !! so choose well...


the contest will end on November 29th at midnight Italian time !! I'll let you know on the 29th morning how many hours are left...example missing 24h..




1st: 5000 xats

2nd 3500 xats

3rd 2000 xats


Judge: @NoSense

Verified Prize Holder: @Solange

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extended date and prizes update!
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surpriseeeee Alex has decided to give + 4500 xats for this contest surprise wtf GIF  ?!?!?!?!



here the proof i give at Solange + 4500 xats 




then you will have fourth fifth sixth place of 1500 xats each one!!


missing 2 Hours!!



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1 hour ago, NoSense said:

here the proof i give at Solange + 4500 xats 




@NoSense FYI, remeber Imgur has issues right now... I will suggest to use img.xatblog.net to upload your pictures, etc.... 

and I see we have a lot of talent here, all the backgrounds are awesome!!! ...



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Hello Guys !!

first of all I would like to thank everyone for participating in this event, and I must say you have all been very good !!

I was hoping for a black and white pcback and my favorite background was all pink jiren, you left with an extra gear, however I am very very very very very very very very very very very very happy with your work, really !!


it wasn't easy at all and so I have to reproach myself a little bit first! bad Ale Bad!!


                                                        Anyway I'm going to show you my winners list, my best 5 + 1 of consolation!!





1st Place: BxAJhzq.png @TheYaguitoCongratulation you are the winner of 5000 xats!!


2nd Place: US6uKjs.png @iiArieL perfect really congrat!!


3ird Place: O6x8mpB.jpg @Natthy spectacular!!


4rth Place: REMOVED


5fth Place: LxZE7wQ.png @Magic good idea!! 


6xth Place: QCmE0QU.png @Parth promise well !!


feel free to contact @Solange and reclaim your price!! /f223326780 her ID for adding with the comand in chat!!


thanks to everyone I was also too good and selective, do not want me bad...I really appreciate your work but I had to choose the best ones


Alex !!



Edited by NoSense
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1st place - @TheYaguito has received his prize:





2nd place - @iiArieL has received his prize:





3rd place - @Natthy has received her prize:





5th place - @Magic has received his prize:





6th place - @Parth has received his prize:





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