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Another update on images from weserv owner:



There is a new hotlink protection on imgur it seems. Meanwhile, we have indeed confirmed that the IP's and user-agents we use have been blocked too. So this is multiple levels of complexity, I would suggest everyone to seek different services for hosting the origin images.


Unless they find a solution to be unblocked (we hope so), xat users definitely need to use another image provider as mentioned before if they want their images to work on xat.


I'll continue to post if we have more updates about this.

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Hi. Since I realized this problem, I started using "Postimage", and although it doesn't always require an account, when uploading an outer bg for example of 2560x1440, when using it in chat it resizes to a size of 1280x720. This happens in imgur "only when you don't have an account" which lowers the quality and size of the image due to imgur limits, however in postimage, when using it with or without an account it happens anyway. I don't know if there is some way that I don't know that this doesn't happen in postimage.

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