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And that's a wrap! How ever many hours later and the 2020 TRADE BLACK FRIDAY EVENT HAS CONCLUDED!! I'm surprised I haven't passed out yet! (wailing)


I'd like to thank the following people:

  • EVERY SINGLE USER who donated to this event. Without your donation, this incredible event wouldn't have been the same so thank you! Your generosity is much appreciated.
  • @Sydno: For letting this event happen, finding us a DJ and always being supportive in any required capacity.
  • @DjHyperHouse: For being an awesome DJ at our event. You really kept the vibes going, especially whenever you played my girl AG!
  • @Christina: For approaching me with the idea and helping me co-host.  I continue to admire your love and gratitude for the users of Trade. <3
  • @Kaay & @Enter: For helping with some of the organization, hosting and moderation during the event.
  • @Admin: For surprising us and visiting our event. We were happy to have you as a special guest to enjoy the great times together! 8-)

Finally, thank you to EVERYONE who came, we hope you had a great Black Friday! It was nice to see so many pools again... but maybe not so nice not being able to enter divine city! :$  Until next time, folks! 

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Trade will always be my heart and my xat home. 

Hyper-Thank you for adding entertainment to our cause and going above and beyond to DJ in between events.

Thank you to Sydno for allowing me to do this. It was beautiful to give everyone something to look forward too and to see a full house once again with 8-9 pools.

I respect you so much and appreciate everything you continue to do for Trade and your willingness to always listen.

Lemonhead, thank you for co-hosting with me and for planning such an incredible event.

To everyone who donated, you made my heart proud in true Trade fashion with you continual selflessness and dedication event after event.

To Admins and volunteers- Much appreciation for helping to make 2020 a year to remember when it comes to Black Friday, and for  giving back to the community this year in so many ways.

THIS is the xat I remember and the one that I am proud of having been some part of. 


Side note* Thank you for choosing Trader as the power to honor Trade chat and its users this year. 



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