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I want to recover my old login I have many years without opening t


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If you're getting E29 on your account, then you'd need to follow the instructions DjFunny has provided.


However, if you've lost access to your account by forgetting the email associated to your xat account or by forgetting the password and losing access to the email, then you'd need to open a ticket under Lost Access. You'd have to create a secondary account to open the ticket, specifying you've lost access to your main account and providing the registered username and ID of the account you lost access to.


Anyway, it seems that you have an ongoing ticket already. Your issue will and must be resolved within the ticket you already opened. Opening a topic on the forum will not help nor will change the course of your ticket.


That being said, I'll close this topic. If you have any other questions, please open a new topic or send me a private message here on the forum.

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If you would like to recover your old xat account, you need to open a ticket. Usually this happens for been Inactive for a long time. but no worries, the solution is below.


1. Open a ticket  <--

2. Select the Topic "Locked out"

3. Fill out the form, 

    a. xat username

    b. xat ID

    c. Email tied to your xat account.

4. Press the button "Save"


Now, you need to wait. Someone will assist you as soon as possible. 


For future and better assistance, please create the topic in General Support https://forum.xat.com/forum/4-general-support/

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