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Good idea, but maybe add options to this somehow, with:


1. Making it optional to see, or move it from the main message, as it could clutter the screen. Maybe show it by hovering over the message, however that might get complex.


2. Instead of the time, specify how long ago it is. Example: 2 sec ago, 1 min ago, 2 hr ago, 2 yr 32 w 1 d ago (or just specify how many weeks ago, so in this case 136w ago). You could omit the 'ago' part, it depends on how lengthy it could be.

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2 hours ago, Steven said:

I would like to suggest having time stamps for messages in private chats/messages.


So PCs and PMs only? :(


It'd be fun seeing how dead/active some chats are too. For example, when nobody is online, but the messages are still there (in the main chat).

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It was in 2011 I guess when I suggested a round clock positioned next to the home-page icon (to tell time) 

The idea was that, if you mouse over the clock, you would get the time that the message was sent (displaying w/ the timezone code).


I think that the idea of adding time stamps to xat messages wasn't considered back then because xat is a live chat feature.

I mean, you don't get on a chat to read messages from 2 hours or 2 days ago. You go to chat to read recent messages. 


Also, I don't think that many users find themselves scrolling up main chat messages to find older messages (except if you're on Private Chat)

Today though, with the offline messages feature working, time stamps become useful because you are not reading recent messages. 


Perhaps time stamps are in the work but going to mobile first? If you message me, and I'm on mobile, the longer it takes for me to read it, xat will say. 

See screen below:


(Text says: 6 minutes ago) 


Lets hope that xat adds time stamps in the future, for both recent private chat messages, and offline messages.


Ways that I see this being added:

  1. Free feature for PC only (displays time stamps for both recent and offline messages).
  2. Switch feature, needs gcontrol power: Private Chat time stamps: [ON/OFF], Main Chat time stamps: [ON/OFF], Time stamps timezone [GMT-3].
  3. Power feature to display time stamps on PC. Only who has the power can see the time stamps. Settings: $maintime=off, $pctime=off

I think the 1st way already occurs on mobile, and not sure if anything similar will be added to the web version. Or if a power will surge for that purpose (3rd way).


Anyway, I don't think that we need time stamps on the main chat. Unless the main chat starts storing more messages (maybe another power can surge for that)

Time stamps are a good idea. Hopefully if added, they let main owners choose the chat timezone (or better, let users set their own!)

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2 hours ago, Lemona said:

Would be a very nice feature. If mobile beta has message timestamps, I don't see why chats can't eventually have this feature.

I'm pretty sure it would come in the mobile beta in the future. Time stamps are common feature in social media messages.

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I already had added this to the Xats to do list a while ago, although it was an old forum suggestion: https://web.archive.org/web/20160307231514/http://community.xat.com/forum/site-support-and-suggestions/suggestions/302751-feature-time-stamps-on-messages


This thread is now linked as well to the Xats to do list.

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