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Hello !!


I don't think this has been suggested before since the theme mode is a new feature here in the forum.


As you know now we have two theme modes: the light mode ( default ) and the dark one, my idea is how about adding other modes / other colors, especially of ranks or levels existing here in the forum xat, for exp


A dark blue color mode of wiki editors and translators, a blue sky color mode of game makers, a purple color mode of volunteers, an orange one of contributors, the gray color of members and adv members too why not ... 


This feature will enable the inclusion of multiple choices for users, it will also add aesthetic to the forum, and going back to the ranks or levels that we have here, I think that each of them may want to choose the color of his level and use it as a forum colour mode.


I hope you like the idea, I have suggested it, but this is up to the specialists like @LaFleur who are most knowledgeable about these things.


Thank you!


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15 hours ago, Daniel said:

There is a lot of overhead that goes into creating whole themes for the forum that makes this very time consuming. 

The need for dark mode is worth it, but having modes for every colour isn’t worth it. 

It may require expenses and a long time, but for me I prefer to have more than one choice in this feature, such as the wallpaper in mobile phones. I think that this matter should have been considered before the inclusion of this feature. Anyway, this can be developed in the future, especially as the work team Here he is competent and knows what to do.

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