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xat Facebook Halloween Contest - Jigsaw Puzzle!


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Hello to the entire xat community,


Like every year, xat Facebook has organized a spooky fun contest for this Halloween 2020! Can you solve one of these puzzles ?S_(miedogst)_40 




English: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKkpDrx_Wwr3zsCIuGy

Español: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKporEL-hK2nHiLUaT6

Português: https://puzzel.org/en/jigsaw/play?p=-MKpsvtsNz3nmWqrjtc8


How to play:

  • Complete ONE of the above jigsaw puzzles (you can only win 1!)
  • Each puzzle has an answer. Comment the answer of the corresponding puzzle here: https://www.facebook.com/xatchats/posts/3738876786123732 (please specify which language)
  • The first person to post the correct answer will win 2000 XATS!


REMEMBER: You can only solve 1 PUZZLE! Have fun and have a happy Halloween!S_(miedo)_40

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