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Halloween Trivia Contest on Feedback

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It's Halloween fright night on Feedback chat!


To celebrate the spookiest night of the year, we'll be hosting a haunting trivia contest on 29 October 2020 (starts at 21:00 GMT - countdown here).


We'll be putting your general knowledge to a ghoulish test (no xat questions), and there'll be a prize pool of 10,000 xats! The rules will be win 1 skip 1, and the contest will be held in English. The prize holder is myself.


We'll be dying to see you there!


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Thank you all for attending! We had a spooktacular time!








Here are the questions and answers in case you missed any:




1. Which color is the cross on the Danish flag?

2. What is the capital of Iceland?

3. In what year was the Star Wars film Force Awakens released?

4. Which is the second largest city in France?

5. In which US state do the Pacers basketball team play?

6. Which two countries border Sweden?

7. How many days are there in August?

8. Which country has the internet code .gr?

9. What is the first power released by xat?

10. A dodecagon has how many sides?

11. What is the name of Popeye’s enemy?

12. Which feline TV cartoon character lives in a dustbin?

13. What name is given to a witch’s large pot?

14. Which X-Files character was nicknamed ‘Spooky’?

15. Which rapper starred in the 2002 movie 8 mile?

16. The Odyssey was an epic poem written by whom?

17. For what do the letters IQ stand?

18. What type of food is Red Leicester?

19. Which company owns Marvel Studios?

20. In what fictional land were The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films set?

21. For what do the letters HD stand in relation to televisions?

22. Which TV series introduced “the Weeping Angels”?

23. Who had a 1972 hit with Superstition?

24. Rafael Nadal is a professional player in which sport?

25. How many French Open tournaments has Rafael Nadal won?

26. What was the most recent power released by xat?

27. Sepia is a shade of which color?

28. Okinawa is a region in which country?

29. A phobia of Halloween is known as what?

30. Which company developed the PS5?

31. Which animal features on top of the Calcutta Cup trophy?

32. Native to New Zealand, what type of animal is a tuatara?

33. What is actress Emma Stone’s real first name?

34. Which US state is nicknamed “The Golden State”?

35. What is the little girl called in the movie The Ring?

36. What is a young penguin called?

37. Material Girl was a 1985 single by which singer?

38. Who is the main owner of Ayuda chat? I want their username and ID.

39. In which 2000 movie did Hugh Jackman first play the character of Wolverine?

40. Who starred in the Ace Ventura movies?

41. Bisque is what type of dish?

42. What are “Hershey’s Kisses”?

43. What type of creature is a bluebottle?

44. What type of creature is a turnstone?

45. In which country did the Jack-o'-lantern originate?

46. What is the name of the puppet in the Saw franchise?

47. The Grand National is a race that takes place in which sport?

48. What does the “P” stand for in the initials VPN?

49. What is the fear of spiders known as?

50. Who is the current president of the USA?




1. White

2. Reykjavik

3. 2015

4. Marseille

5. Indiana

6.Finland and Norway

7. 31

8. Greece

9. Topman

10. 12

11. Bluto

12. Top Cat

13. Cauldron

14. Fox Mulder

15. Eminem

16. Homer

17. Intelligence quotient

18. Cheese

19. Walt Disney (Studios)

20. Middle Earth

21. High definition

22. Doctor Who

23. Stevie Wonder

24. Tennis

25. 13

26. Haunt

27. Brown

28. Japan

29. Samhainophobia

30. Sony

31. An elephant

32. Reptile (lizard)

33. Emily

34. California

35. Samara Morgan

36. Chick

37. Madonna

38. Blacky (691320709)

39. X-Men

40. Jim Carrey

41. Soup

42. Chocolate

43. A fly

44. A bird

45. Ireland

46. Billy the Puppet

47. Horse racing

48. Private

49. Arachnophobia

50. Donald Trump


Have a great Halloween!! S_(vfangs)_20

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