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My idea came out that to help xat get back on the popularity and make more users with accounts, is that to make option like register and get 1000xats and 10 days(for example). This will will definitely make more toons to make accounts when you give them something its like and advertising from xat to make them purchase more xats and also who ever makes accounts has less trolls or drama and will be harder to evade bans as well.

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Not agreed.


In case xat implemented this suggestion we can be 98% sure that users would start abusing it and direct purchases from the store would be affected, the website revenue would be in jeopardy (decline). Perhaps we could think of something else that would motivate users to register on the website, such as more non-commercial powers in addition to tickle and other free functions (some users think that some powers for example Main/Noaudies should be a free function of the site). 


Click here to see the current benefits of being registered in xat!

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