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Last day of Sunday this month


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Hi xatFamily

Today is the last day of Sunday this month and html5 chat wants to do a contest. +10000 xats.

- Game BOT, [matchrace, spacewar, darts,zwhack].     5000 xats. - Staff will decide how much to be in the prize.
- Random Questions about xat [xat,Powers, smilies etc].    5000 xats , each anwser 100/200 xats.
- The most activity 5 members staff - @Marek @Stif @SLOom @mihai123gaby @Mafia1 - 500 xats each.
- Free 2 Pcback [The first two people who add the requirements] Please following requirements: Your Username/ID, Color and Image. [Credit to @Manu ]
- Randomuser for Allcolors [light,green,red,blue] - Please following requirements: Your username/ID xat.com.

. It is not recommended to edit your comment. (scn)

5 Members Most Activity This month


1. Marek (2018)
2. Stif (344107857)
3. Sloom (110110)
4. Mihai112fundale (1530662397)
5. Mafia1 585658025

Thank you all.

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Hi @Manu

You do a good job, to continue like this, xat needs talented people.

Thank you for deciding to share with us.

The first two comments were by Ted and Mafia, But MAfia hiden the post. 
So the winners are @Ted and @Magic Because Elya edited comment 3-7 min after MAgic post.

Sorry Elya :$ 

- Soon we choose the winne for AllColors (pty).
- Soon Another Contests.

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