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Suggestion: Trade buttons in html5

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Hi, I don't know if anyone has made this suggestion before, but here we go.


• It seems to me that the trade version in "flash" in terms of the buttons when pressing "accept" was the best option and didn’t need any change.

Remember that, by pressing "accept" on the right button, then "confirm trade" on the left button, and “cancel” again on the right button, and done. Which is the correct way.




• Now, in the html5 version that changed. Since the accept and confirm button are in the same place, or in short, it is the same button. (Bad idea, accept, confirm, cancel, done, all in the same button).




• Why bad idea? There may be some conflicts, what if your mouse is crashing with the "clicks" and when you click instead of a single click, you get two or three clicks in a row without wanting to? Since in this version the button doesn’t  change place by which it doesn’t give you an interval of seconds or time to change your cursor of place, and neither to verify your trade once more.

Not necessarily because the mouse doesn’t work properly, it can simply be because you are in a hurry, because you are distracted at the moment and just click click click... Etc. Whatever is.

Here is an example of what would happen in these cases:




As you can see, the clicks went too fast, so much so that "corfirm, or done" were not shown properly and this can happen to anyone.

If this happens and then you realize that the trade didn’t go the way you wanted, there’s  no way back. (Unless the person you traded with is kind to correct it or do it again).


• Ok, before someone says that for these cases a warning window appears that says:

WARNING: This trade is unfair FOR YOU!

Are you being scammed? Contunue?


Over time I have come to realize that sometimes that window simply DOESN’T APPEAR, even when there is some difference in the balance between the xats days or powers being exchanged, or IT APPEARS when there is a noticeable imbalance, or sometimes IT APPEARS when it is not so necessary.  This last one in the example below:




Here for example, today I put 500 xats to buy the gamer which is currently between 600x - 650x (in fact I put an amount less than its value) and still it showed me this window as if I was being scammed. 

"This shows us that it doesn't  always appear in a correct situation, therefore it will not appear when there is an error in clicking the buttons when making a trade".


Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to put the buttons back as they were, for different reasons mentioned above and not have problems as a result of that option!



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