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xat Forum update - dark mode, features and more!


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Hello! We are pleased to officially announce the new update to the xat Forum Community, now available and packed with new features, enhancements and even a new look using the new stable version 4.5.2.



#New Front-End Design


  • Brighter UI: A brighter UI with more saturation & contrast and simpler overall color scheme



  • Improved spacing (especially on mobile): Spacing (padding and margins) needed some improvement. A lot of spacing values were arbitrary and inconsistent, leading to poor visual harmony across any given page. Mobile sizes now get a much more pleasant interface, with elements having room to breathe.



  • Headings: A new standardized design for content item page headers, giving them their own cards and consistent button placement was added.




  • Reducing underutilized links/buttons: Abundance of tools, made up of links and buttons, across pages. Many of these are only used occasionally and so would be better moved out of the main view to simplify the page. To solve this, we've added a share link to the page header, with the social network links themselves in a popup menu. The result is ideal: sharing functionality is unobtrusive but obvious.



  • Improving post states: Posts and comments will show badges when they have a particular status, as well as a more attractive semi-transparent border. For group-highlighted posts, we show the group name instead for example: Contributors /

    Featured Comment. This works much better on mobile too!





  • Invitation list: Now you will have a list of the clubs you have been invited to join that you can reject or accept whenever you want.



  • Privacy: Now you have the option to choose who can see your club. You can choose from Everyone / Members or Moderators.



  • Rules and Acknowledgement: You can now add rules for joining and participating in clubs. You can also force members to acknowledge and agree to the rules before joining.




  • Permissions: Now Administrators / Moderators (special permissions) and New Users are identified with a badge on their profile picture.



  • Theme: The suggestion of ''xat Theme CSS/JS'' was accepted. Now you can change the theme color to Dark Mode or default.




#Wrapping up!

As well as these large-scale concepts, you'll notice many other smaller enhancements as you start using the new theme.


Modernizing and refreshing our default theme has been needed for some time, but we view this as just a stepping stone to future work that will be reserved for a major version bump, and we're excited to figure out where we go next. A special recognition for @Andre and those involved during this process, xat is on the right track!


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