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May Be Help Sovle Problem Error 55!

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I see now a lot of people have E55 in their account !

so, we should think to solve problem quickly and does not tell people the patient is the solution to take your queue to see ticket !

In my opinion, we have three ways to solve it 

The first : if someone ask Volunteers to look their ticket here (https://forum.xat.com/)  why not do this ?!

The second : The administrator assigned a large number of Volunteers solve the problem as soon as

The third : i know that may be hard to ask but we must know for how long wait to volunteers see tickets ?

i really hope to solve problem because i'm a study Engineering now and my vacation end before buy xats ,days, enjoy trade and a lot of things>>>

At the end of the topic, I apologize for any error exists in this

Please help and leave your comment if u suggest any of These proposals

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There's a large number amount of users who are receiving Error 55 on their accounts. This was an issue recently and volunteers are working quick as possible.


Error 55 shouldn't be happening now (maybe), but if users are still getting that error, they should contact a volunteer to fix the issue. Users were also told not to open a ticket on numerous official chats, but some don't go to official chats and opened a ticket instead, which is fine still. However, they are to expected to wait instead of opening threads or making complaints about it on official chats or the forum.


As a fact, there's a lot of tickets to be answered as well queued. Users might be waiting a long time or feel they are waiting a long time, but it's due to the large amount of tickets. Some users don't check their e-mails sometimes when a volunteer replies to their ticket, but some are making complaints about it which is not okay sometimes.


Then there's some who have to answer security questions for their accounts, and don't answer them properly or avoids those questions. So they might complain on chats about it too.


Sometimes some users would open tickets and forget to reply to their tickets and then make complaints about it. (This has happened before sadly).


There's also other tickets to be answered as well, not just Error 55. It's also another reason why some tickets MIGHT be delayed.


Your thread was moved to the right forum section (General Discussion) and your thread was closed due to already having a discussion thread about it here: 


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