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Suggestion (Power Bgs)

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I wanted to suggest this power I think is not yet and I have advanced the project.


This serious power group.


Basically the user can change the background by clicking xat 3 background extras would be implemented in the window xat even smile I have no thought but soon I'll put.


For now I have this in javascript hope can take this suggestion.






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2 minutes ago, Stah said:

I'm not sure if I understand, but the user can pick a background to show on the chat? Kind of like websites having light/dark themes?


exact if the user is not satisfied with the first background, may have 3 more

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As a power, I'm not sure how popular this would be. :$


How many people run their own chats? Official chats would definitely use this power - but would other places bother?

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6 hours ago, Manu said:

The xats Spanish language is constantly changing backgrounds..

He is right, remember, this is not the only side of xat. :$

Regarding your suggestion, I like your idea, as you said, the most of the chats (in the spanish side)

even change bkgs every 2 days so this would be useful.


Plus, sometimes the chat owners have to replace a background just because it's too bright for some users,

so they have to use another one or make it darker; It would be nice to have different themes of bkgs, colors, etc,

instead of just changing it. Many forums/websites have already this custom feature where you can choose the color of the web (client side).

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