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Good evening!

 I need help!

The chat I'm running has a problem.

At some point if I check the friends list, I notice that no one is online and so I realize that the chat is blocked.

Many times when users refresh the chat, they return to a chat where there are only 2-3 users.  

We are divided into groups of 3-4 users or we find ourselves chatting.

What to do?

(It would help me a lot if you answered me in Romanian)


Thank you for help!

P.S My chat is   https://xat.com/Radio_Doamna2016

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Hi @RadioDoamna ! I have visited your chat and it seems that it is running correctly for all users, at least for now. If the friend problem happens again, do F5 and if it doesn't work, try clearing the cookie / cache from your browser and login again.


Unfortunately you must use the translator, the only languages allowed in the help forum are Spanish, Portuguese and English. Remember that xat.com/Ajutor the Romanian language xat help is available with trained personnel to answer questions and help you solve your problems with a faster response. 

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