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New power like galaga


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Just a copy paste from the other forum that I said.





Hi guys, so I told you how I would add a spaceban like thing and galaga together. Since the copyright would not allow xat to do that, I decided to do a little doodling on my surface to try to see how it would turn out, and it turned out like this >> 5w4xkf I do need help to try the spaceban feature with it, (the (ss) rocket, but with work, I think I can make it. So let me explain the screenshot. The yellow circles will be the smilies that shoot at you, and the yellow dashes are the fire. The black thing at the bottom is the rocket (I drew it a little) and the alien looking like thing is (inv3). So, I hope that I can draw a little more to help this idea, and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on it. Edit: The image is this: RhHOHtq_zpswbitfml0.png


Picture 2: Credit to @Vincent Help Owner 



Edit: How this would be different from the other games is you could only move the rocket to the left or to the right the doge the alien's fire. You have unlimited shots, but if you just shoot into space and not near the alien, it detects you and then it restarts the ban for you. This would be like galaga, except different smilies and all of that. Like my previous forum post someone mentioned it was copyrighted, so I decided to improvise. So, spaceban + galaga would equal a spaceban rocket, and the galaga shooting together, which would make a good game ban. I hope that this edit makes things more clear.

Some smilies would be (rocketdodge) (When the alien comes up and tries to capture you and you doge it) (capture) (when the alien captures your rocket. You get 3 rockets.) (rblast) when the rocket is hit and it blows up. (ablast) when the alien is hit and it blows up. (Lfail) when a giant X goes over the game and it shows "Fail" and the last smilie would be (LSucceed) When it shows a ***8730; at the end of the level.

Edit3: This is different from http://community.xat.com/showthread....ghlight=galaga because of the smilies. Since paradox suggested you could verse people, I guess this could be a gamerace also.

Edit4: Vincent (96819406) also came up with this idea but he did not come up with the smilie part. I did not steal vincent's idea as I did not see his form post until today, June 12th 2015 at 10:00 PM PST. We both have decided IF this gets suggested, we will both "split" the test power in a way. Vincent suggested this in 2011 as a bangame contest in 2011. A picture of it: http://s287.photobucket.com/user/vin...icBan.png.html
All credit on the image above goes to vincent.


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