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🥳 Win up to 30.000 Xats and 300 days playing 🥳


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On 8/13/2020 at 8:34 PM, CH3RRY said:

Hello guys !!!


On Saturday 15th Great party H O L A  party.png We will play some fun games with the Bot on X A T. C O M / H O L A with a total value of 30.000 xats and 300 days in celebration of that Party.


there will be various games and prizes like Random number, Randomuser, Looking for a number, Dance Stop Hola, etc.




Come play with us and win xats and days! I hope to see you there.


Chat and play with everyone without worrying about the language!


jump.png    Unlimited Fun   jump.png


📌 Don't forget that the contests will start at 23:59 PM (Spain) 


📍 COUNTDOWN:  https://www.tickcounter.com/countdown/2128096/big-party-hola-30k-and-300-days





1st Game of the Big Party with a prize of 10.000 Xats party.png

To participate in that game Below that publication put : Your nick and (username + ID). Example :  cнэяяу = CH3RRY (1000027) Only users who are listed here win 10.000 Xats, and those who sign up in the room because they do not have an account here only earn 2000 Xats. (We do this to prevent them from playing with more ACCOUNTS) jump.png


1er Juego de la Gran Fiesta con premio de 10.000 Xats party.png

Para participar en ese juego Debajo de esa publicación ponga: Tu nombre y (nombre + ID). Ejemplo: cнэяяу = CH3RRY (1000027) Solo los usuarios que se registran aquí ganan 10,000 Xats, y aquellos que se registran en la sala porque no tienen una cuenta aquí solo ganan 2000 Xats.(Hacemos esto para evitar que jueguen con más CUENTAS)jump.png 


Primeiro jogo da Grande Festa com prêmio de 10.000 Xatsparty.png

Para participar desse jogo nessa publicação, coloque: Seu nome e (nome + ID). Exemplo: cнэяяу = CH3RRY (1000027) Somente os usuários que se cadastram aqui ganham 10.000 Xats, e aqueles que se cadastram na sala porque não têm uma conta aqui ganham apenas 2.000 Xats. (Fazemos isso para evitar que usem  mais CONTAS)jump.png



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