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I thought that chameleons could be designed as a xat power when some of their unique characteristics were examined and some of their features were taken into account. The most prominent feature of the chameleon is the color changes. I thought this color changing feature would look great when applied on xat chameleon powers. I suggest to is design and is create of the (chameleon) power that does not yet exist among the xat powers to smiley makers. Chameleons have a cylindrical body and are flattened on both sides. Its head is triangular. It has a long and clinging tail. The feet adapt to the life of the animal on trees and objects with a distinct change that facilitates grip and grasping. The ability of its large eyes to look in different directions independently provides an effective feature in searching for prey. There are black, yellow and red pigment cells along with colorless cells on the skin. They look shiny like scaly. The contraction or relaxation of the skin depending on the fear, anger, health status of the animal and external stimuli such as heat and light causes discoloration of the skin. The chameleon, which is generally green in the daytime and white-yellow at night, has the feature of swelling, providing the swelling typical of the animal when it is angry or in fighting situations. Everyone at xat like to see colorful, bright and cute  ''chameleon'' xat emojis on xat. Below I have given examples of some emojis that can be turned into cute ''chameleon'' xat power.


d4HfQbw.jpg           Um53MXJ.gifucosbfG.gifczlXgGk.gif






3r3sJ7H.gifWYsAwQD.jpg  WHdmuqn.jpgEXoO2dy.jpgEbngWwl.jpg





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Thanks everyone for liking my suggestion. I like to give new ideas for new powers. trying to create new styles on xat by giving new ideas and new emojis.

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