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xatradio.com error


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Hello, guys!

I just created a new swf player and wanted as usual, to upload it on xatradio.com

But surprise, the website doesnt wanna take it, it says it is not a swf file! I tried with my old swf player that is already hosted on server and says the same, so not the file is the issue.

Also tried with different browsers, and adblocker disabled, same result.

Someone can help please?

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As Stif said, we are no longer accepting swf players. 


Make your players HTML! It's easier than Flash, and you don't need any programs to run it. 


To use the HTML players, just use [radiohtml:SIZE:SIZE:PLAYERCODE]


Next time, make sure to send a ticket to xatproject.com/sos if you need any more assistance.

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