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Hi all guys are you ready to have fun with the new game called wheel of fortune?

How to play:

  • There will be numbers from 1 to 90 and you will have to be lucky with the bot that says the chosen number
  • It is a game of luck


  • Join our club
  • Actively participate in the chat
  • Follow the rules of the chat
  • Trolls are not allowed
  • It is a very fun game but also complicated to manage, please follow the staff's instructions

           The contest will take place at 22:00 pm on Sunday 26/07/2020 in xat.COM/CONCOURSES


soleil isola14 GIF by Isola dei Famosi





                                                                                        @Alexius_       @Abada       @Demonattack     @xLonely     @Sara   @Luana     @Lemona







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