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Black avatar background in the new HTML5 version

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Hi, I thought about why you don't have this in the new version of xat.com, which is now HTML5. Before the Flash version of everyone who had xatspace, a black background appeared on the avatar, I will leave the photos for you to better understand what I mean. And, this suggestion is very simple, but I like it and think it's cool, I believe that other users should also miss it. I don't know why it's not in the HTML5 version, they may still be working on it.

FLASH: Screenshot_1.png.908217b24b94fdbc83caa926bcc5f739.png



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In my opinion, the shadow should not be added in the photos. If this is added to the new version we should have a button / command to disable it.


Some people like to use PNG images (without background) and it looks very bad when this shadow is added utomatically, for some this has been annoying for a long time in the Flash version. I would like to see it, only if we can activate or deactivate the shadow whenever we want :o.

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