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.Hi everyone today I want to propose a different powers from the one proposed last time, today I will talk about a very but very cute powers smile, it is a powers that will be very useful for all communities and is called "elves" now I will explain better the characteristics of this powers:

  • This image can be very useful both as a pawn and as a smile, I would like to give importance also in the pawn I think it would be fantastic that every powers would change the classic pawn.


  • I believe that with the introduction of HTML5 this powers can make a lot of sense


  • with this powers we can make a thousand combinations



  • Finally I am attaching other combinations of images that we can insert


    kJxCryb.png  pAlsT9W.png  Nl2UVMe.png    vNXPQi6.png        uMUAUVF.png

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This suggestion is really perfect.I see very sweet and cute emoji examples. I wish this idea had such a wonderful and cute xat powers. I liked this suggestion very much.

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I thought of Christmas elves when I clicked onto here, but that's another topic for another day.


These smilies would look great on chats with a forest or elven glade background (fantasy genre), if we could have them on gback too please. We can imagine their cute little faces are actual size. :$ I fully support this as a smiley power.


I like the idea of being able to customize their hair color too, to match the background/button colors.

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