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Suggestion (Gym power).

Message added by LaFleur

This has been added with the (fitness) power.


More info: https://xat.wiki/fitness

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We have a weight lifting smiley inside SPORT, apart from that it's a decent suggestion. Another smiley could be one of an exhausted smiley drinking water. What about possible pawns/hugs?


Personally, I think we could have a pawn with a sweatband on, a pawn lifting a weight and one drinking water. A hug idea could be that a smiley running on a treadmill and it falls off and it reveals the message.

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11 minutes ago, Chelly said:

So not a pokemon gym? :( 

The closest we get is doing (pikachu#whatevereffectisgiventouswiththispower). :( But even then, it's still wrong.

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