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I've seen a lot of users lately do the "@" symbol then put someone's name, I'm one of them.


I suggest adding a feature where when we do the "@" symbol, a list of suggested users in the room appears, just like in the forum.




In the other hand when someone get's mentioned, they would get a tickle notification, saying for example: " [Username] mentioned you." and when you click this notification it would show you the message that you were mentioned in, just like when you click a quotation.


this would turn the tickle tab 5peaPay.png into something more like a notifications center, which is more useful.

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6 minutes ago, Stif said:

It's planned, not just the mention feature but the notification center as well, and it will be broader than this.


Good. Thank you.


I think it would be cool to see an "upcoming updates" list if possible, to get us excited. (:

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