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Well, my suggestion is something very simple.


Get rid of ad blockers, do some changes to block them.


As we know 99% of xat users are using Ad Blocker, and this is a problem in certain cases. 


xat isn't using AdSense or something like, these resources that are being blocked are really useful for the community. (such as chat promotion or power banners)


It's being blocked because of containing "ads" in names (includes class / id / div and file names). Just change those names that contain: ad, ads, advert, advertise etc.





And no, deactivating Ad Blockers manually isn't an option, and since the solution is simple, why not? Even because sometimes it activates alone.


You can read more information about it https://adblockplus.org/filter-cheatsheet.

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Posted (edited)

I really like how you proposed the idea and provided a solution, I hope this reaches Admins attention and gets fixed, because as you've mentioned, its simple to solve.

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Completely agree. I've been one of the biggest banner ad users over the years and have always been frustrated that more than half the community will never see the ads.

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11 minutes ago, Junior said:

Maybe some of those who use it want to hide the banner on purpose.

AdBlock have a filter system that allow you to block by id/class (even kisses per example), easily.


But they don't have an option to unblock, so, I don't think it will bother ppl, btw "banner promotion" is paid and it was never used because of this, basically don't worth you pay something that others won't see, fixing this will make banner promotion really useful!

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