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Chat xat doesn't appear


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Helo, i have a forum on forumactif and i wanted to have a xat chat on it, so i created mine, i pasted the text to the right place in the administration pannel but the chat doen't appear.

I'm using Brave navigator to  go on internet so i have this on my forum :




So of course i choose to allow flash on brave and finally i have this one :




Just an empty space where the chat should appear. Well i didn't stop at this point, i tried it on firefox  too and it's even worse :





So if anyone have an answer for me it would be great, i would love to have the xat chat on my forum !

And don't hesitate to ask if you want more details of course.


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Hi @Ace,


1. Flashplayer is starting to have problems since it will end in December 2020, in the meantime I suggest you use these two browsers which 90% work well with flashplayer with them:


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome

2. You can also change the version of your chat to the new HTML5 on your site from here:






By copying the code and put it in your site will be automatically converted in html5 web version.


Note: You can find your CHATID from this generator: Click here


3. You can also change your Chat in default HTML5, by going to https://xat.com/Chats click on "edit group" then put your chat name and password then click on "settings", then turn on the voice "html5" and click save.




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Posted (edited)

hi ,  you know flash version have some bugs we cants fix it    ,  i suggest you to use html5 in that chat  by adding   " ?new "  in your chat link  for ex = xat.com/chat?new

and there is other way to fix that by using other browser like chrome or opera are the best  .you can also link me thet chat name to try to help you more 

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As mentioned, it's better for you to try using the HTML5 version of xat, this might solve your problem.


I'll lock this topic and mark an answer.


If you have any other questions, please open a new topic.

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