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Concourses STAFF


Main Owners:

Abada (889987766) (Username on forum @Abada)

BiaNcaComELaNevE (1528866944) (Username on forum @bianca-99)

KaiserKar (1529539580) (Username on forum @Demonattack)


Moderators (Games Judges):

ALexius (288945544) (Username on forum @Alexius_)

xxDream (244010497) (Username on forum @Sara)

Lemona (220341852) (Username on forum @Lemona)

Luana (77135841) (Username on forum @Luana)

xLoneLy (21884264) (Username on forum @xLonely)

Ciix (10301) (Username on forum @DUYGU)

Arjay (344417698)(Username on forum @Arjay)

Temp Moderators:

For now there aren't temp moderators.


Contest Organizer:

ALexius (288945544)


Usual prize holder:

Lemona (220341852)


This list indicates the chat staff Concourses can be updated over time.

What should I do to be part of the staff?
You must be active and moderate during the contests.



You can join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/CzMF8HU


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