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Upgrading The Private Message Feature


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26 minutes ago, Elea said:

The second addition is to be able to see the regname of the user we are sending the message to (see Image 2). Sometimes we send a message, we get distracted, and we're not sure who we're sending it to anymore. It will allow us to make sure it has reached the right recipient. 

It seems to me a great idea, when I am chatting with several people at the same time by mp, I usually get confused whoever sends some messages.


But the @ would automatically mention the person in your mp, wouldn't this be a problem? I mean that if we will receive double notification, in my case I use Google Chrome and when someone writes @Abrahan I get a notification that someone has mentioned me in another chat as long as it is open and I also receive notifications when someone writes to me in mp or pm.

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Amazing ideas.


For the first one, we could have a setting that it could enable/disable the locking feature without disconnect the user (which would avoid losing pm's in the screenshot process). Having it automatically enabled would be weird, since it would be best fit only to the screenshot situation.


For the second one, it could show "To regname (id)" somewhere in the text entry box before sending the private message and a red X to cancel the pm if needed. If you want to be sure to whom a pm was sent, we could hover the private message and the recipient's regname and ID would be shown. e.g.:



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I really like the idea and it's quite easy to implement it (at least the show/hide message).


Anyways, I can agree that it can be kinda boring to sign out/in just to avoid including your PM in the screenshot. It reminds me of the FEXBots feature in their logs system (mail cannot be read in logs but hidden by default).

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